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Re-staining a deck makes an enormous difference between a worn-out looking deck and a family ready living space. When your outdoor deck is looking is not looking its best give Premium Painters a call to help out.

Premium Painters is your #1 painting company for deck related staining services. When you want to stain or seal a brand new deck, revitalize a weather-worn deck Premium Painters is the one to call. Premium Painters always gives free written estimates so you know what is involved with each and every job. Call us for an estimate today, we have "Larger Crews To Get The Job Done Fast!"

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Should you re-Stain Your Deck?

People who live in the southeast parts of the country know salty air can do a great deal of damage to an unsealed deck in a short period of time. In colder climates decks crack and wear out from temperature changes. If you have an unsealed deck or notice some wear beginning it may be wise to re-stain your deck every so often to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. As time goes on wear is to be expected though regularly re-staining your deck can lessen excessive damage from weather and the elements.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Bring back the glow
  • Prevents future weather damage
  • Enhances the appeal and appearance of your deck
  • Lengthens the life of your deck
  • Helps to the wood from additional water and heat damage

While decks can take abuse from intense heat, rain and other natural weather events, it’s a good idea to reseal your deck for a longer life. Even with , newly installed decks, you want to make sure to seal it. This prevents damage and will extend its lifespan.

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Staining and sealing a deck can be an overwhelming job. To guarantee the best quality job the deck must be cleaned and prepped for staining. Premium Painters is knowledgeable and experienced ready to accomplish your goal.  Staining is both an art and science, as your paint experts we are proud of our results.

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